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Great customer service = successful business. It's a simple formula...

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“Astute companies are increasingly looking to their customers to drive growth-tailored offerings, indeed their whole organisations to customers unique needs”
- Booz Allen Hamilton.

Being customer centric is all about having a total and utter focus on your customers.  

There is a direct correlation between excellence in customer satisfaction levels and increased levels of business!  Without loyal customers eventually a competitor will satisfy customer needs and your customer retention will decrease.

RFM look at the businesses customer process as well as the personnel dimension and tailor their customer service initiatives and programmes accordingly.

We have all had the experience of great products being let down by indifferent or poor customer service.  It should be remembered that as a rule, dissatisfied customers will tell 8 to 16 others about their dissatisfaction.  With the web, some are now telling thousands!  It is therefore of paramount importance that your team are at the top of their game!