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Marketing and Sales Plans

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RFM Marketing and Sales Plans should actually be called ‘plans for business’. They focus on the all important sales line and how to achieve it. We focus on the relevant target markets, review the customer purchasing patterns within these markets and suggest timetabled actions which will increase market awareness, sales and inevitably profitablility!

RFM bring a customer orientated view on the marketplace and observe business from the viewpoint of their target markets.  Most businesses spend so much time working on the day to day aspects of their product production and service delivery that they forget the important elements of sales and how to achieve higher levels of growth.

Our marketing audits allow companies to see where they sit in the marketplace and how they might position themselves more effectively.

Development of marketing and sales plans often leads to sales and business development skill enhancement programmes.

A significant producer and retail business said of the RFM input:

“Those 2 sessions I spent with you were invaluable.  It really set us on the right road and we have now implemented about 70% of what we talked about. We are ready for a really busy season.”