1980’s man/woman meet your contemporaries in 2016

Consumed information through press, Tv, direct mail, posters etc.

Bought from known  local and regional suppliers and may have dealt with for some time.

Visited retail on a 9 – 5 basis and maybe on a Sunday  – if the shops are open!

Read articles and gathered information from friends – often in the pub.

Liked to meet friends for a catch up – often in the pub.

Liked a deal.

2016 man/woman

Consumes information through Google, on a mobile phone or web.

Buys online from anyone in the world, –  24/7 with delivery to the door.

Scans,  reads,  swipes, – likes easy to understand, quick sound bytes.

Reads and gathers information from friends – on a social networking site.

Doesn’t meet in the pub – you cannot even have one drink now and then drive home!

Likes a deal.

Markets change all the time and buyers purchasing habits have changed.   In consumer markets, you have to be able to market effectively to all age groups. The same applies in business to business markets in our new digital world.  Targeting the right markets with the right message at the right time is the easiest way to obtain the most bang for your buck.

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