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Shows and exhibitions

Still one of the most effective ways of creating awareness, showing your product range, speaking to people you may not otherwise have the chance to speak with and of course, selling and taking orders.  Highly cost effective too as part … Continue reading

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Watch out for Animee – the new beer targeted directly at women

Marketing – spot a gap – research it, – develop it, – test it- communicate it – launch it. Those clever marketers at Molson Coors identified from desk research that only 17% of women in the UK drink beer. It … Continue reading

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Increasing revenues through customer service

  Ask managers in most organisations if they would like to increase their revenues by 10% or more and we reckon most people would ‘bite your hand off’ or at least say ‘show me’. There is a direct correlation between … Continue reading

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Telephone sales – Turning order takers into order makers!

Have just spent a couple of days working through telephone sales activity, scripts and sales pipeline structure etc. for a food company who need to have consistent orders and increase the range of products purchased from their customers. The programme … Continue reading

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Social Shares and Social SEO – Linking strategies in 2012

All the leading search engine specialists gathered in London this week for the Search engine expo (SMX). Lisa Myers, – CEO of Verve Search boldly declared ‘Social shares is the new link building.’ Interacting in social networks, creating compelling content, … Continue reading

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Promotional gifts – takeaway reminders of brands

Recently attended a local exhibition organised by the Chamber of Commerce and met a promotional gift company keen to show off new ideas and desk top reminders of brands, – mousemats, holders for mobile phones, insulated coffee mugs, trolley coin … Continue reading

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Are you staying ahead of the curve in search engine optimisation?

Search engines update their catalogues regularly, constantly indexing millions of websites for updated content. These are sophisticated engines, and in these digital marketing days, your website simply can’t remain static, and must add value to the visitors. Blogging, has been … Continue reading

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Groupon – short term gain over long term growth?

For improving your brand awareness, Groupon leverages the power of group buying and many companies have taken advantage of its location based offers and promotions. There is much debate over how effective Groupon is for companies in the long term. … Continue reading

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Pinterest – its all the rage

Watch Pinterest, as it’s something the early adopters are using. It’s a valuable resource, “unfiltered window” that requires excellent content. Harrods used Pinterest in exactly this way.  Pinterest is strong for arts, crafts and fashion and Harrods used this to create … Continue reading

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