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Don’t get price bashed

If you think you have a great product or service that has real added benefit in the marketplace, just watch you don’t get price bashed.  Every buyer in the land will tell you are too expensive or that they can … Continue reading

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The real cost of new customer acquisition

If you knew the real cost of acquiring a new customer, you would never let an existing customer go! Adhering to this old adage makes a lot of sense. It is likely that every business has the opportunity to do more … Continue reading

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Take the Customer Journey Your Customer Wants to Make!

This phrase came straight off the headline in a magazine advertisement but it made me think. We now have to think of business development in a digital age and embrace the new ways in which the buyers of tomorrow engage … Continue reading

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1980’s man/woman meet your contemporaries in 2016

Consumed information through press, Tv, direct mail, posters etc. Bought from known  local and regional suppliers and may have dealt with for some time. Visited retail on a 9 – 5 basis and maybe on a Sunday  – if the … Continue reading

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Profit is Sanity, Sales is Vanity

Recently, we came across an interesting article in the paper related to Tesco chasing sales and volume as against margin and profit. This happens in many companies when they grow bigger and the market becomes competitive. For the smaller organisation … Continue reading

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That Purple Cow moment

Throughout the year, most organisations are looking for 3 or 4 head turning moments when their business in the in the spotlight. This provides reasons to talk and interface with customers, both existing and potential. In the marketing business, these … Continue reading

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Hyperlocal grocery delivery – Learning from the big boys!

Read an interesting article this week that talked of a new service which Amazon are rolling out in India. Amazon Now enables customers to shop for daily essentials across a range of categories and have them delivered locally within 2 … Continue reading

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