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Get on the road!!!

Just read from the Hillington Innovation Centre that there is a shortage of product availability in the supply chain for wind equipment in East Scotland.  In the same week, we had a client in a related sector with a superb … Continue reading

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Queuing for an Apple

Judging from the press this week, there has to be plenty of disposable income around!  There were queues at the Apple stores as customers were desperate to get their hands on the iPhone 5.  Normally, people queue for hours for … Continue reading

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It’s not the product, it is the flower of service

A friend who runs a Mr Handyman home and office maintenance service franchise in Glasgow believes that the key to building a sustainable and repeat business in this sector is not just the quality of the job but also customer … Continue reading

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Check out your Sales Skills

Some people are involved as sales people, on the road, on the phone, on e commerce. They of course are ‘selling’ every day either transactional sales (sales farming with existing customers or transformational sales (sales hunting for the next big … Continue reading

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There is always a queue at Greggs!

Every where you go in the UK , you get a pleasant smile and often a joke or a laugh when at the counter in Greggs the Bakers They encourage a queue – and it builds an even longer queue, … Continue reading

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Methods of Measuring Marketing

This is emerging as a trending topic, – finding out what communication formats work and what doesn’t. It has always been possible to measure response to advertising and communication. It is just that online makes it nice and easy. Here … Continue reading

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