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The Market place and the tail of the hurricane

Markets change on an ever fluctuating basis, just like the wind!   In today’s marketplace, marketing and sales plans need to be set ahead but be flexible enough to change and alter as required.  A timetabled campaign, planned well ahead of time, … Continue reading

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Enhanced performance – squeezing the opportunity, Closing more deals

  Just delivered a programme on dynamic sales technique, honing skills in closing, negotiation, upselling, link selling and attracting more returning customers – feedback suggests delegates obtained structure for their future sales presentations and 15/20 key ideas/tips for enhanced performance. … Continue reading

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Market Research – 2 Investments with 2 Returns

1. Just finished a research project using both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques. The return on the investment was the information and insight to take the product to market the right way, getting it right first time! The data obtained … Continue reading

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Fantastic presentations create fantastic first impressions

It may be a business development presentation to a new, potential customer in an overseas market.  It may be market updates to wholesalers, distributors, agents etc with whom you partner overseas.  Each presentation has to be – good, powerful, informative, … Continue reading

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Press Alerts – Journalists looking for a story

Received an alert today for a trade journalist looking for good food stories on a regular basis.  Trade and technical press are always on the lookout for good copy and good stories for their readers.  Any good PR consultant will … Continue reading

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Apps for Business – Marketing communications approach

Just come across a couple of apps for business. An app to translate from your voice into another language – great for business conversations and working across international boundaries.  The app claims to be 85% accurate and is at least … Continue reading

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