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Research – Lighting the Way Forward

A small piece of well controlled and well managed research works wonders, almost every time. Understanding customer’s behaviour, motivations, their likes and dislikes, perception of competition and buying habits is absolutely fascinating and illuminating.  Often a 3rd party can ask … Continue reading

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Eyeball recognition

See that Tesco are going to use eyeball recognition as you walk into stores to determine the products they will display to you.   This is an amazing piece of technology which if it works well could transform targeted communication.  As … Continue reading

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Food And Drink Companies – Get Set, Get Ready, Go For It In 2014!!

A series of sessions, just packed with tips and techniques and ideas that will help you to create more sales and access more markets with immediate effect.  This small company Access to Markets programme is supported by Scotland Food and … Continue reading

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A Couple of Sales Questions

How much more do you think you could you sell? Do the team who are serving customers know how to probe for new opportunities and fulfil them? Do the sales team know the sales structure inside out to squeeze the … Continue reading

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Companies Get A Graduate To Implement Your Sales And Marketing.

Many years ago we worked on a scheme where, after a marketing and sales plan had been agreed, we arranged for a graduate in house to implement under our guidance and grow their experience. Bit was a great scheme and … Continue reading

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‘Sampling is the Key!’

So said a delicatessen/farm shop retailer I was speaking with earlier in the week. His experience is that when you sample new products with customers, you can increase sales by a factor of 3, – ideal for newer products, needing … Continue reading

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Keeping Track in 2014!

For many years we have offered good clients an RFM desk diary, – a diary with a little bit more.   The format is a week to page running from November 2013 till December 2014 so you can see the date … Continue reading

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Tell the Truth in the Morning!

Found this an interesting stat.   Research by Harvard psychologists has revealed that ethical behaviour tends to diminish as the day wears on, and that the good intentions that people wake up with gradually disappear. They consistently found that in the … Continue reading

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Newly Refurbished Style Bar – The Look Takes A Trick!!

Just seen the look of the cool new style bar in our local Elliot’s location on Prestwick’s Main Street, geared to the young, cool, ‘out for fun’ markets, – a big investment to rip out and refurbish a whole bar! … Continue reading

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Live Image – The Next Trend!!

I would hazard a guess that the next major trend will be towards Facetime, video, live action and the moving image as a matter of course taking us away from the written word.   All the leading edge consumer products are … Continue reading

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