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Online shops – opening the door to successful trading!

Many small organisations will have an online shop. There are many packages out there and often the decision is taken to offer online sales. It is a great idea, – it can extend the reach of a company, provide an … Continue reading

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Exhibitions and Meet the Buyer events – The Hours spent preparing matter

Just like the athletes getting ready for the Commonwealth Games, winning the business contract takes time and practice and often quite a gestation period. The first point of contact is often face to face at trade shows and ‘ meet … Continue reading

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Customer Service – WOWing the customers

Giving the customer a ‘WOW’ experience costs you less than any advertising or communications. Treating the customer well and going the extra mile will reap huge rewards in retained and sustainable business. The effort to gain new customers through the … Continue reading

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Dont Worry, Be Appy!

Just amazed at the number of life easing actions you can now do on your phone – sat nav, translation for overseas guests, pounce on a table at the last minute, gain product information etc. It is the way forward … Continue reading

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Bakers Dozen – probably better than 10%

Giving someone 10 % off just because they ask is just not good business. This happens repeatedly in consumer based companies, business to business operations etc. The fact is that the media tell us that everything is negotiable, of course, … Continue reading

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Purple Cow Moments

In Marketing terms we talk about ‘purple cow’ moments, which are times on a calendar year, when our name is in lights. Customers and people’s eyes are on us and we have the opportunity to deliver an iconic and different … Continue reading

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Checking Out Your Sales Process

When we give mentoring sessions and training courses on strategic marketing, we often talk about the ‘Process’ element of the marketing mix and how and how a little bit of thought about your sales process, can put you ahead of … Continue reading

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Going from a question mark to a shooting star

At RFM Marketing, we work on taking a new product, a ‘question mark’ product (unknown in the market place), to become a ‘shooting star’. Then how to get from a ‘shooting star’ to becoming a ‘cash cow’. Then how to … Continue reading

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Fire off a pic at a click

Building a comprehensive photo gallery or reservoir of products is a great idea.  We often do this with our mobiles, capturing moments for personal use and photo albums. A well thought through image bank of product shots and service shots … Continue reading

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