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Purple Cow Moments

In Marketing terms we talk about ‘purple cow’ moments, which are times on a calendar year, when our name is in lights. Customers and people’s eyes are on us and we have the opportunity to deliver an iconic and different … Continue reading

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Checking Out Your Sales Process

When we give mentoring sessions and training courses on strategic marketing, we often talk about the ‘Process’ element of the marketing mix and how and how a little bit of thought about your sales process, can put you ahead of … Continue reading

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Interesting Pricing Strategies

Many people do not see pricing as a function of marketing.  However, understanding what the customer will pay and what the market will bear at any particular time is crucial as we are only price sensitive at certain times. A … Continue reading

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Research – Lighting the Way Forward

A small piece of well controlled and well managed research works wonders, almost every time. Understanding customer’s behaviour, motivations, their likes and dislikes, perception of competition and buying habits is absolutely fascinating and illuminating.  Often a 3rd party can ask … Continue reading

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Margins and Mark Up

Seems to be confusion amongst many SME’s about this. What does a mark-up of 50% provide in terms of margin? Understanding the required or expected margins for each sector in the channel/reseller chain is very much part of the marketing … Continue reading

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