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Don’t get price bashed

If you think you have a great product or service that has real added benefit in the marketplace, just watch you don’t get price bashed.  Every buyer in the land will tell you are too expensive or that they can … Continue reading

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Profit is Sanity, Sales is Vanity

Recently, we came across an interesting article in the paper related to Tesco chasing sales and volume as against margin and profit. This happens in many companies when they grow bigger and the market becomes competitive. For the smaller organisation … Continue reading

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Finding the add on sale

A quick fire way to increase bottom line profit Always being aware of the add on sale, the upselling, the link sale opportunity is a surefire way to increase an order value while you have the customer in front of … Continue reading

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Spot the opportunity – Transferring skills to employees

Everyone in a team needs to understand sales and sales process in today’s world.  If you ever ask yourself these questions. – How can we develop more sales for the company? How can we acquire more customers in the UK? … Continue reading

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Ecommerce focus – the online sales force

Marks and Spencers recent relaunch of their website is part of a major push to tap into the major trend of clothing sales moving online. M&S have seen a decline in sales and have declared this investment in the ecommerce … Continue reading

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Making every pound work for you

In our business at RFM we provide a ‘wood from the trees’ approach to companies, looking at the actions in their business from the viewpoint of a customer, how to maximise the opportunities to interface, how to build the brand, … Continue reading

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Refreshing Sales Skills

Many people have sales personnel who have been selling for years and spent a good amount of time in the job. A sales refresher brings that chance to re – assess skills, find new ways of closing, new ways of … Continue reading

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Growth Hacking – the new career

Definition , – “Growth Hacker” is used to refer to someone who is clever, innovative and ensures that every initiative is performed in the hope of growing the business – sounds good! Examples – Hotmail added a personalised signature to … Continue reading

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Bakers Dozen – probably better than 10%

Giving someone 10 % off just because they ask is just not good business. This happens repeatedly in consumer based companies, business to business operations etc. The fact is that the media tell us that everything is negotiable, of course, … Continue reading

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Checking Out Your Sales Process

When we give mentoring sessions and training courses on strategic marketing, we often talk about the ‘Process’ element of the marketing mix and how and how a little bit of thought about your sales process, can put you ahead of … Continue reading

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