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Sales Skillls Development, at home – in export

Whether working in transactional sales or transformational sales, the topic covers a multitude of activities and skill sets.  Here is a starter for 10: Finding leads Making initial contacts with the right people Understanding the customers business and what they … Continue reading

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Groupon – another route to market!

A great way for companies to sell product fast.  Based on offering huge discounts for group purchasing bought in a short time frame, Groupon focusses on the consumer habit of ‘impulse purchase’. From a marketing point of view, it allows … Continue reading

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Channel marketing – Buying where and when you want

Channel marketing is all about focussing on customers and creating easier and more access to purchase. For example, Coke had, and indeed may still have, a mission that no one should ever be more than 10 steps from a being able … Continue reading

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Question. What do the following have in common?

 Weibo, QQ, Youku, Dovban, Kaixin 001, Ren Ren. Answer. They are all names of social networking sites in China, each targeting different sectors of the community, just like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, but bigger in size!! A ‘must understand’ for … Continue reading

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Men’s grooming goes mainstream

Well gents, the ultimate cosmetic product for men has arrived – a new cooling rollerball gel that massages away undereye bags, perfect for the morning after the night before!  The ad for this new bloke’s cosmetic by Clinique, appeared in … Continue reading

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Manning your stand- getting prime contact customers to come to you!

‘76% of visitors to business to business exhibitions have decided which stands they will visit before they go’. (Centre for Exhibition Industry Research). So, ways to attract key buyers to your stand are: By inviting existing, potential, and lapsed customers … Continue reading

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Marketing in today’s Economy

Marketing in 2011 and in the second decade of the 21st century is changing. It is no longer enough to have products and services focused on customer needs, there is now the additional issue of being totally aligned with the … Continue reading

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