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Don’t get price bashed

If you think you have a great product or service that has real added benefit in the marketplace, just watch you don’t get price bashed.  Every buyer in the land will tell you are too expensive or that they can … Continue reading

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The real cost of new customer acquisition

If you knew the real cost of acquiring a new customer, you would never let an existing customer go! Adhering to this old adage makes a lot of sense. It is likely that every business has the opportunity to do more … Continue reading

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Take the Customer Journey Your Customer Wants to Make!

This phrase came straight off the headline in a magazine advertisement but it made me think. We now have to think of business development in a digital age and embrace the new ways in which the buyers of tomorrow engage … Continue reading

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1980’s man/woman meet your contemporaries in 2016

Consumed information through press, Tv, direct mail, posters etc. Bought from known  local and regional suppliers and may have dealt with for some time. Visited retail on a 9 – 5 basis and maybe on a Sunday  – if the … Continue reading

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Finding the add on sale

A quick fire way to increase bottom line profit Always being aware of the add on sale, the upselling, the link sale opportunity is a surefire way to increase an order value while you have the customer in front of … Continue reading

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Google Testing Mobile Unfriendly Icons

Google have been testing mobile unfriendly icons next to those websites that haven’t made the transition to responsive design. This shift towards mobile user optimisation for mobile consumers is now part of Google’s long list of ranking factors. This covers … Continue reading

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It’s official – we are a nation of shoppers

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s now clear the UK are amongst the fastest growing world regions to have embraced eCommerce. A recent report produced by Lloyd’s Banking Group confirms this trend: The UK is one of the world’s strongest … Continue reading

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Market and sell, Market and Sell

As the summer draws to a close and we get ready for the autumn, we would suggest that companies large and small, need to review, revamp and refresh their sales and marketing communications, plans  and strategies. Every company needs to … Continue reading

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Promotional gifts – still a great way to market

Read a very interesting piece in marketer magazine that talks about the value of promotional gifts – deskware such as mugs, pens, diaries, mobile phone holders, usb sticks post its, and gifts. When there is so much clutter in the … Continue reading

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Everyone’s market is ever changing

Just read an article on the Aldi family who of course are completely cornering the market for groceries in the UK and targeting the mid range of consumer.  Their rivals are Tesco, Morrisons etc, those mid range operators where the … Continue reading

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