Building Awareness in External Markets

Read a very interesting article in the Sunday Telegraph last Sunday about Glasgow, City of Sport.  It was on a Discover Scotland pull-out, beautifully written with great photos. According to the media pack of the newspaper, this paper would reach 1,372,000 readers on a circulation of 429,000.  The places listed to stay were Citizen M – very new and minimalist, Hotel Indigo and Blythswood Hotel.   Places to eat covered Mother India café, Crabshakk and Ubiquitous Chip, – the only ones mentioned. The only visitor attractions talked of were the SSE Hydro – very new and exciting and Barrowland.  Good on them for getting their copy and wording onto the desk of the journalist sitting in an office in London!
The marketing point is that out in the big world out there, there will be people writing about Glasgow in the run up to the Commonwealth games and the opportunity is there to get coverage at no cost from the journalists.  All journalists need good copy and stories to sell their newspapers, and journals, both online and offline.  Seems to me this is a bit of a no brainer.
There are always opportunities out there if someone is allowed the time to dig around a little to find them.  In this particular case, there must be companies who would have benefited from this opportunity for no cost awareness.
Sometimes, we spend too much time navel gazing internally at what we are doing instead of getting out there and building opportunities.
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