Cool city space that builds brand presence

Don’t know if anyone has seen the meeting area of the Citizen M Hotel. A contemporary twist on a meeting room concept, members have access to the large spacious office/meeting space which includes Wi-Fi, lounge areas, quiet meeting rooms and a post box facility. This provides a mix of a member’s club concept and city office space. For the myriad of small companies, it allows an access point in the city that is innovative, cool and edgy!

We often talk to our clients about having locations in other parts of the UK, even a post box. It shows commitment to an area and even in our new world of e business, it carries great weight. The concept is a way to achieve this in a small budget with a big style impact.

Other locations are in Holland and New York, so membership can give an international feel and flavour to the business. At a time when British goods and services represent good value for money on the international scene, it has to be considered.


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