Romance under the clock

Take a look at the banners hanging by the famous clock on the concourse in Glasgow Central Station.   The latest Facebook competition is to tell of your romance meeting (or meetings!) under the famous old clock.  Check it out on Facebook, where there are already some great stories.  This will present Glasgow Central Station as an iconic meeting point, with a sense of place that no one else can take away. In time, it will turn into a brand and a place where people gather and congregate.  Nice idea and good to be seen as iconic!

As they say in the blurb, better than airports where it used to be exciting but now you are made to feel like a criminal and take off half your clothes when going through security!!  All necessary we know. The marketing lesson is looking at what you have with a fresh pair of eyes and then to polish up and maximise your points of difference.  There are many companies around who could do well to think in such a way.

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