‘Sampling is the Key!’

So said a delicatessen/farm shop retailer I was speaking with earlier in the week.
His experience is that when you sample new products with customers, you can increase sales by a factor of 3, – ideal for newer products, needing to build a loyal and returning customer base or a brand that is in its early stages.
For the producer, supplying some additional product can be a low cost route for promotion leading directly to the sales line of the business.  Return on investment is what it is all about!
This technique can be used in many other business sectors – business to consumer and business to business, not just food and drink.  Encourage the customer to try or experience the product and often they are hooked or at least, more susceptible to purchase.
For more information on this and other low cost techniques that drive sales in  business, contact russ@rfm.co.uk

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