That Purple Cow moment

Throughout the year, most organisations are looking for 3 or 4 head turning moments when their business in the in the spotlight. This provides reasons to talk and interface with customers, both existing and potential.

In the marketing business, these are what we call Purple Cow moments, times when the customer’s head will turn to look at your business. The analogy is of course that if you put a purple cow in a field, everyone will turn round and look at it. You can have a flock of sheep, all very fine with great wool on their backs but the one you notice is the purple one because it will stand out from the crowd.

How this applies to a business? It can be as simple as awards won, attendance at a key exhibition, a slot on a tv programme, new packaging for products, celebrity endorsement, – scheduled into the annual promotional activity calendar along with the other complementary communication and promotional formats.

It is still the case that many smaller organisations trading in both consumer and business markets do not consider and allocate the appropriate amount of time and resource to the all important promotional activity in their markets and creating the visibility of their product that will bring in more customers.

For more information on how a business can stand out from the crowd, get in touch today.

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