The Secret of Smiling Success.

In this wonderful corporate world we live in with processes, automation etc, do we really know the superb value in a big smile and a good greeting?   It sets the scene, it makes the customer feel wanted and puts the customer in a good mood.  It has to be genuine of course.  This does not cost and it encourages positive feelings in the customer and immediately creates warmth and competitive edge. 

Customer service is often seen as ‘have a nice day’ and in the larger corporations, is part of a process we as customers are put through or in many occasions subjected to.  Genuine customer service comes from a passion for the business and the feeling that if someone walks through the door, that is a buying signal- they want to speak with us., we are all lucky if we have customers.  Getting your team to deliver this time after time after time is a big ask but it can be done.

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