Checking Out Your Sales Process

When we give mentoring sessions and training courses on strategic marketing, we often talk about the ‘Process’ element of the marketing mix and how and how a little bit of thought about your sales process, can put you ahead of the competition. Here are a couple of really great examples, where by thinking through the customer process, activities have been identified that make it easier for customers to buy with a direct result on sales.

Greggs the Bakers have launched an app which gives you offers and lets you pay for goods from the app. Early to market on this one, they are offering credits on an account for sign up to get you started. In the race to be one of the first ‘food to go’ bakers to roll out an app and therefore become habit forming, it will be interesting to see how this develops.

Also heard of a pub app that lets you order your drinks at your table and pay on your app. The bar staff will then send you a message when they are ready to pick up. Saves that interminable queue for beer!

Every organisation can think of ways to allow easier, simpler, interaction with their customer at the right time. As a consumer, we all know that if it is easier, we will tend to use it!

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