Everyone’s market is ever changing

Just read an article on the Aldi family who of course are completely cornering the market for groceries in the UK and targeting the mid range of consumer.  Their rivals are Tesco, Morrisons etc, those mid range operators where the decision making process is based on a blend of quality and price.

So far, the top end seems to be thriving – Waitrose, Farm Shops etc where brand and lifestyle are perhaps more dominant in the consumers purchasing criteria.  The Aldi business slogan: “The best quality at the lowest price” has endeared them to the top end consumer. They have introduced premium ranges and more British produce leading the bold claim “more Bentleys in the car park than other supermarkets”.

The issue is that business to business markets are just as volatile though perhaps not as public.  Key challenges in business to business markets are in the business process, the use of technology and understanding how to make it easier for customer to interact.  In marketing we always have to look out for what the next age of customer is looking for and position ourselves well.

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