Finding the add on sale

A quick fire way to increase bottom line profit

Always being aware of the add on sale, the upselling, the link sale opportunity is a surefire way to increase an order value while you have the customer in front of you. Whether you are in one off type sales such as the purchase of a motor car, or a longer term a partnership/relationship type sale, there is always an opportunity of offering more that is of value to the customer. The chance is often sitting there, just waiting to be taken.

This is very clearly seen in e commerce where every big site always tells us that people who bought such and such an item also bought, if you spend over £xxx, you will get free delivery etc. It is all a matter of understanding the customer process and then working out the best way to approach the additional sales.

For more information on this topic, please contact For some clients we have increased bottom line profit by 30% by exploring these issues.

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