Giving your Brand a Chance?


In marketing, we often talk about looking from the ‘outside in’,- understanding the perception from the customers viewpoint  Here are a couple of snippets from recent press coverage that perhaps illustrate a view from the inside out and not really understanding customers and customer motivations of target markets.

Northlink Ferries proudly announced their new logo for their ships – a Viking / Norse type figure in a ‘Usain Bolt’ type pose.  This, of course, will be featured on funnels, ships, literature etc.  German tourist companies are now asking them to change it as they claim it looks like a Nazi symbol.   Maybe tourists are not really in their target market,!!!!

Michelle Mone’s ex husband is to set up in the lingerie business in direct competition to his ex wife.  The business is to be named ‘Pendulum Lingerie’. Me thinks he is looking at this from a male viewpoint and perhaps not a female viewpoint. Could perhaps be more tasteful. Or perhaps he is cocking a snoop at his publicity seeking ex!

As we now work in a global environment, we have to understand perceptions of our target markets and test these out before going to graphics and to brand in the market.

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