Making every pound work for you

In our business at RFM we provide a ‘wood from the trees’ approach to companies, looking at the actions in their business from the viewpoint of a customer, how to maximise the opportunities to interface, how to build the brand, how to work with resellers and how to sell, how to sell better etc. In our view, every £ or Euro spent needs to work to multiply and increase the opportunity. Typical areas where we find gaps and the real opportunity for improvement at low cost:

  • Honing the sales and closing and business development skills of the sales teams – increasing their success rate
  • Developing customer service and revenue generation skills for non sales people who interface with customers, technical, support, delivery etc that will often get far further into an organisation than any sales person
  • Making the communication sound more targeted to the right audience with mouth watering key messages – online and offline
  • Honing exhibitions skills to ensure that the precious time and money spent on shows yields results
  • Writing the website content with better information architecture that builds the profile of a business in line with what consumers want to hear rather than what you want to tell them
  • Finding out what makes people tick – how they buy, when they buy, why they should buy from.
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