Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

It has been said many times before but the way to get recall, recognition, trust and opportunity is to keep your brand and brand values out there in the minds of your existing customers, potential customers, older customer, younger customers etc.

These lessons apply in business to consumer and also in business to business sectors – the
difference is in the right messaging, using the right medium and the right call to action. It seems to me that we are constantly told that the way to grow is to concentrate promotional
efforts largely on social networking, – eh wrong in many cases! Social is just one part of the
mix and the panoply of media and communications open to you. It really depends on the type of business you are in and the media consumption patterns of your target audience.

The large fmcg companies will use a blend of online – Web, youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the rest and also offline – TV, radio, direct mail, PR, point of sale, telephone, sales, promotions etc, to engage and gain commitment from their target audience. The smarter boys are now linking all of this to e commerce sites that deliver to a global consumer.

It takes at least 7 hits before your brand will be recognised, so the message is to think about your customer bases, what they will read, watch or listen to, get the message and the creatives right and plan the process over time.

If you need to fast track this and have some help from a team that have been doing this for
years, just contact russ @

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