Spot the opportunity – Transferring skills to employees

Everyone in a team needs to understand sales and sales process in today’s world.  If you ever ask yourself these questions. –

  • How can we develop more sales for the company?
  • How can we acquire more customers in the UK?
  • How can I acquire more customers throughout the world?
  • How do the team negotiate away from price discounting?
  • How do we deal with objections?
  • How can the team close more deals?
  • How do we align ourselves more effectively with customers?

For answers to all these questions, the opportunity is there to review the sales and customer acquisition process in your organisation and to skill up your people to be more focussed on creating increased sales.

Most companies we see should be in a position to increase their sales by a factor of 10% or more, almost overnight if they implement their skills learnt. This is bespoke to the company, – not a ‘one to many’ public course.

It is a powerful proposition and one which requires little investment. Skills Development Scotland also offer Flexible Learning Grants and subsidies to help companies improve their skill set.


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