Map your customer journey – clues for improving service, sales and retention

I just wonder if this is the key to creating even greater competitive edge, particularly in a service business. If you can get under the skin of the customer to find out their thought, emotions , hurdles and actions at every moment on the road to purchase, you have the key to more profit.

At a recent event held at AD Plus Chartered Accountants in Cambuslang, a presentation from the Wise Property Group in Glasgow showed how they had embraced the customer journey with modern technology to deliver a superb customer service offering in a service sector, – all at transparent value for money prices that were not discounted. Check out their website, – home page – property survey – speedy estimate vide. It is such a simple proposition but executed well and used as the start point for superb customer service.

What I can tell you is that the results were staggering in terms of increased business and return on investment. It is a real lesson on innovation for profit based on research and understanding of the customer and putting yourself in their shoes.

For more information on looking at the customer journey to shape the customer offering to engage and create more sales opportunities, contact

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