The really really key customer campaign

For those of you who would like to interface with a small number of really key clients across the globe, the campaign plan needs to be scheduled and a long term approach adopted.  It works, but it takes time to build the brand name in the mind of the customer, get known, get trusted and given the chance to create an impression.

This ‘sales hunting’  approach is needed on a dedicated and a consistent approach, especially for the newer younger companies who are on a growth path and needing to get in front of customers throughout the world.

Once the key account is in the door and product or service is in operation, relationships need to be built to complete contracts successfully, as well as position the company well for future potential contracts.

Excellence in customer service is delivered at various touch points with the client – technical staff, progress meetings and presentations, at meetings, on the telephone, via email etc. This objective is not achieved by the sales people but by everyone who interfaces with the customer – whether they see the job as theirs or not.

Embracing a real culture of the ambassador and an excellence in customer service is one of the best ways to increase business and if you read a previous article – to create raving fans who talk about you all the time!  Just watch the revenues increase.

We have in house help and programmes for transformational sales hunting and sales farming.  Contact

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