Initiating Key Contacts Round the Globe

For the last year we have been working with a client who is targeting key individuals in OEMs across the world. the opportunity to present and ‘get in the door’ occurs very infrequently but we have discovered a low cost technique to achieve this. Due to sustainable and timely contact, we have now provided 3 major opportunities in a year to 15 months for this client company, who has a great product but sometimes just not enough time to keep his finger on the ‘sales generation’ and lead pulse.

Interesting also that personnel in these multi nationals have changed in these target companies – new people in department create different opportunities and the ones we thought there was ‘no chance’ with are suddenly coming good.

The secret is to have the time to think through the strategy and be prepared to have a long term approach. It is working and the time spent on sales intelligence, direct contact and interesting direct contact campaigns are certainly paying dividends in the way that no social media campaign would.

For information on this service which really is working a new way, download our International business contacts factsheet.

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