Looking at tv stations – communicating to local audiences

Our cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are now offering 2 new tv stations. The news tell us that licences have been awarded for local advertising in Glasgow and Edinburgh and there is also a new tourism related tv medium coming on stream. This is an opportunity to look at more effective media buying for mass communication.

As always, understanding your target market and what they read, how they consume information is crucial as of course is identifying the audience and readership of any particular medium, whether on line or offline However, if you are looking for more new customers, or needing to build your brand quickly, this type of communication can be used in conjunction with online and social media in a concerted campaign should deliver exposure, awareness and footfall.

Typically when a new medium is opening up, there are good introductory rates available combined with a good new inquisitive audience so this strategy should be considered and in many cases is recommended. For more information on this topic please and how to make sure your spend and effort deliver the right results, contact russ@rfm.co.uk

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