Right Product in the Right Place at the Right Time — All the Time!!

OSA (On Shelf Availability) is a key to growth for manufacturers selling on the shelves of our supermarkets.  OSA increases brand strength, brand loyalty and also increases and maintains sales. If your product is not on the shelf, statistically, the customer moves to another product.
To me, the principle can be valuable in any business.  In some cases, there may not be a shelf on which to place your product, but if you have customers out there buying product or services from you or your competitors, you need to be on the customer radar – all the time!  In businesses where a single phone call or e mail can mean the start of a significant sale being there is all important!
The first stage is to get yourself onto the customer shelf (radar), the second is to keep yourself there.  There are many ways to achieve this: – the key is to understand where your customers are hanging out!
For more information on this topic, contact russ@rfm.co.uk

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