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Market and sell, Market and Sell

As the summer draws to a close and we get ready for the autumn, we would suggest that companies large and small, need to review, revamp and refresh their sales and marketing communications, plans  and strategies. Every company needs to … Continue reading

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Dont Worry, Be Appy!

Just amazed at the number of life easing actions you can now do on your phone – sat nav, translation for overseas guests, pounce on a table at the last minute, gain product information etc. It is the way forward … Continue reading

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Great product innovation

Just seen a press release in the Metro for a brand new textile product.  Smart textiles can now help patients undergoing chemotherapy to deal with hair loss issues.  It will be interesting to see if this very worthy ‘question mark’ … Continue reading

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Speaking to the Right Audience

Marketeers crave to find ways of communicating to the right audience at the right place and time at a time when customers want to be reached. Our Welsh colleagues ran a St. David’s day food promotion in Canary Wharf, London. … Continue reading

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Communications strategy – Right place, right time

Being able to reach customers in the right place at the right time through their preferred channel (traditional or digital) is key to maximising your business opportunity. The range of options now for communication and positioning is immense, often not … Continue reading

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